Duane Smith Design works

for midsize corporate.

We're not artsy prima donnas. Not a gigantic ad agency, either. We’re a creative consultancy with a proven track record of helping midsize businesses achieve marketing goals.

We understand corporate

because we are corporate.

We know the battles you face. We fought in those same trenches. Each of us has worked in corporate politics marketing for a decade plus. We know how it is, and we know how to help.

We dive right in.

We're most successful when pushing boundaries in traditionally conservative corporate environments. We’re at our best when swimming in the deep end of your comfort zone.

Small and sweet.

We’re a two-person creative consultancy. One designer and one marketer. Small is fast. Small is efficient. Small adapts quickly to change. That's why small is our consulting sweet spot.

Who we've worked with

This ain’t our first rodeo. We’ve delivered effective creative to many business and brands just like yours.

Our areas of expertise.

Marketing and graphic design are broad fields, and while we're capable of many things, here's where we excel:

1 – Website Design
2 – Logos & Identity
3 – Print Advertising
4 – Marketing Collateral

View our portfolio of past work to see for yourself.

Let's do great work together.

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