Agencies vs Independent Contractors

You know your needs are greater than an off-the-shelf theme, but are they large enough to employ an agency?


At the opposite end of the spectrum from off-the-shelf themes is a Web Design or Marketing Agency. Agencies typically charge $50K – $150K for a site equivalent to what we deliver. The quality of the design and development work is comparable, but there are some important differences:



Agencies employ Account Executives, Account Coordinators, Account Supervisors, and Traffic Managers to buffer communication between you and the actual work producers. This may be necessary for some clients, particularly large corporations, but for those who don’t need buffering, working with independent contractors is more direct, efficient, and cost effective. It can also be much less stressful.


In addition to web design and development, agencies often provide a comprehensive range of supplementary services such as photography, illustration, copywriting, content strategy, social media marketing, SEO, advertising, analytics, and more, acting as a kind of general contractor for your website. For clients who do not require an all-inclusive suite of marketing options, our solution is a more efficient and affordable choice.


Staffed with large teams, agencies often present multiple designs for clients to choose from. This inefficient and time-consuming process not only increases costs, it treats your design as a multiple-choice question with an unknown answer. Our process is rooted in data and analysis, rather than speculation. At the start of your website project, we thoroughly evaluate your needs, goals, and desires to ensure that you get exactly what you want in the most productive, thoughtful, and economical way.

We offer a direct, efficient, and cost effective alternative to agencies for clients who don’t need the extra layers of staff and services that agencies employ.

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