The Client Review Process

Creating a website isn’t done behind the scenes. Clients must be involved very step of the way.

To ensure the timeliness, quality, and overall success of the project, we require total involvement from our clients. At many points during the project, we will ask our clients review, provide feedback, and eventually grant approval of specific files and test pages. Clients should plan for the following interaction periods:


Discovery Revisions Phase

Clients review the site map, menu structure, and wireframes to determine what elements, if any, should be modified, added, or removed.

Design Revisions Phase

Clients review the visual presentation of 2 initial page designs and iterate revisions with the designer. After approval, clients review the remaining page designs and again iterate with the designer to approval.

Development Revisions Phase

Clients review the fully functional website on the development server during the modification period and enter any additional content. Upon approval, the site will be migrated to the client’s live web server.

Be sure to read my previous post on how we fight scope creep and avoid unexpected design and development costs.

All successful website projects share this characteristic: total involvement from engaged clients.

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