The value of a great website can be hard to quantify. It amounts to a lot more than page views and conversions. It’s a sales tool. A communication tool. A customer service resource. An effective marketing channel. It builds brand loyalty and, for many businesses, serves as the company’s most profitable storefront, leaving brick and mortar locations in the dust. A great website can be a company’s greatest asset.

To be truly effective, a website should be tailor-made for your business. Every site we create is custom-designed and developed, crafted around our clients’ unique goals and objectives.

Our process involves a layered approach of discovery, design, and development. In discovery, we dig deep to learn about your company, customers, competitors, technology needs, site content, and much more. Information gleaned in this phase helps us structure your site in a way that best meets the needs of your users and accomplishes your goals. The next phase is design. Here we apply visual design elements to the framework of the site, not only creating a look that is attractive and engaging, but that also visually guides the user to interact with the site in the intended ways. The final phase of the website process includes back-end and front-end development, responsive design, and final approvals.

To provide our clients with maximum accessibility and autonomy, we build all of our sites in WordPress, the most popular self-hosted CMS solution in the world. From beginning to end, the design and development of a website typically takes between 2-3 months. Client involvement is encouraged at each stage and client sign-off is required before advancing. It’s important to us that your needs are met at every step and that your new site exceeds your expectations.

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