At the core of every successful logo, website, and app is comprehensive understanding and effective planning that strategically fulfills a brand promise. Here are my areas of expertise in strategy:

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Digital Transformation

Every organization has unique challenges, so Digital Transformation looks different for every client. Depending on where an organization is starting from, it could be as simple as changing processes or as complex as inventing new digital solutions to old analog problems.

Think of digital transformation as disruption, either internal or external:

  • You need to disrupt your organizational reliance on internal paper documentation.
  • You need to disrupt public opinion of your brand.
  • You need to disrupt the sales process and move from phone-based call centers to software-enabled online solutions.
  • You need to disrupt the marketplace by shifting your industry to an app-based approach.

To do this effectively, you need a guide. I’ve seen these sorts of things before—maybe not your exact situation because each one is unique—and have the experience to lead towards success. I’ve been transforming organizational vision into visual communication for 20 years, and for the past decade have been helping organizations solve traditional problems with innovative and creative digital solutions.

Business Model Generation

Having an idea for the next disruptive app is great, but it’s meaningless if you don’t have a way to prove your idea will work. You need more than a great idea—you need a data-driven Business Model, and you need an objective outsider with industry expertise to formulate it for you.

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I’ve lost count of how many slick slide decks I’ve seen for the ‘next big app’ or ‘next hot web property’ but I can tell you exactly zero of them have panned out. That’s because they were created by company founders too close to their great idea to be objective, or they pulled numbers out of thin air, or they over-valued their ability to hustle their way into success.

I have generated business models for digital products that have had worked and found success in the real world. If your great idea is sound, I can help you prove it. And if not, I have the guts—and the data—to tell you it won’t.

Product Planning

I’ve helped countless organizations think and rethink their products—from what they do through how they do it. I’ve been successful at it because I know, understand, and have created products across the entire digital product spectrum: websites, enterprise applications, native iOS and Android mobile apps, hybrid web-powered mobile apps, progressive web apps, and more.

Product planning bridges the gap between your disruptive business idea (and business model) and the first prototypes of your digital product. It considers all the possibilities and determines the best approach to a technical solution before any costly and time consuming implementation work begins.

I can’t say that 100% of the successful product launches I’ve been involved with have had proper product planning documentation, but I can say about 95% have—and the rest were just lucky. But I don’t recommend trusting your million dollar idea to luck.

Branding Strategy

No one can design a brand—that’s up to the public to define. But you can (and should) manage your brand. That means you need a Branding Strategy.

Your brand is the totality of your product or organization’s outward face, and without properly documented branding strategy, those responsible for expressing your brand—employees, partners, vendors, etc—won’t know what the rules are, and definitely won’t know when they’re breaking them.

I’ve been designing and delivering brands and brand strategy for 20 years. While I have extensive expertise in all the above areas of strategy, branding is where my expertise is deepest.

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