How much do you charge?

Did you just order a$5 shake?

The answer to “how much do you charge?” is always “it depends” but I know that’s not what you want to hear. Unfortunately, services aren’t like ordering off a menu at a restaurant. I can’t say exactly what your project will cost until we discuss it; there are simply too many variables to say “logos cost X” or “websites cost Y” however I can provide some general guidance:

  • For consulting work, I bill by engagement at $5k/week (50% engagement).
  • For small design work, including out-of-scope additions/revisions, I bill $250/hr.
  • For most design work (branding & logos, websites & apps), I bill flat-rate by the project.

How flat-rate project pricing works:

  1. We briefly discuss your project, and I submit a proposal broken down into multiple phases
  2. The first phase will be flat-rate; subsequent phases will be estimated ranges
  3. As one phase ends, the next phase will be narrowed down to a flat-rate

This means you’ll have a solid idea of the overall budget upfront, and you’ll always know what the next phase will cost before any work begins.

For now, without details, all I can provide are ranges of past projects fees:

Logo design projects are usually in the $5k to 10k range. Fees depend on the expected complexity and level of documentation required. If you have a super-rad logo design project that I really really want to do, it might cost you zero.

Brand design projects are usually $10k and up, with fees determined by scope. Smaller projects tend to be less and are usually performed as an extension of logo design. Larger projects often include multiple logos, complete logo systems, complete design systems, example applications, layout templates, and much more. As branding projects can contain literally anything, there’s no way to provide a ceiling to the range.

Website design projects can be as little as a few thousand dollars or as high as several hundred thousand dollars, depending on scope. Most design-only projects (meaning you manage development on your own) are in the 10k to 25k range. Most complete design & development projects are in the 25k to 50k range. Particularly complex needs such as custom e-commerce or membership functionality often increase costs by 5x to 10x. Occasionally, simple projects without the need for a complex CMS can be designed & developed for under 10k, but it’s rare.

App design projects are usually in the $50k to 250k range but can go much higher, with fees determined by scope. Development varies dramatically depending on the implementation. Read my free eBook Understanding Digital Products for more on the differences and benefits of each app option.

While these fees may seem high to some, surveys indicate we fall in the high-middle range of our competition. Like any service, you’ll find people who are willing to work for less, and people who charge much more.

If you have a project idea and would like specific pricing information, I’m more than happy to discuss your exact needs and provide a proposal addressing your specific situation. Alternatively, if I’m not the right fit for you, I’ll say so and refer you to someone else who may be a better fit. Just fill out the form on my contact page to get started.