Why should I hire you?

Han Solo
  • Because I’m a trustworthy consultant who won’t bullshit you
  • Because I’m an experienced designer with a ruthless devotion to efficiency

“A ruthless devotion to efficiency” probably isn’t how you’d expect a design firm to describe themselves. That’s because Duane Smith Design isn’t a design firm—it’s a Design Consultancy.

Yes, design is a significant factor, but it’s only half of the equation. The other half is consulting. As a consultant, I’m here to make you money, save you money, or both. I do that by being ruthlessly efficient in:

  1. How I work: my processes, documentation, communication, billing, organizing, scheduling, coordinating, learning—everything is as repeatable and as productive as possible.
  2. How I think: I define problems, establish goals, and then strip away everything that gets in the way of solving problems and meeting goals.
  3. My work itself: I carefully consider every line, curve, shape, and color to determine if they’re truly necessary, test and validate mercilessly, and then craft interfaces that are simple to develop.

Look at my site. At my expertise. My services. My work. You will see my devotion to efficiency in everything I touch. If you hire me, I’ll do the same for you.