Sketch App: Bootstrap 4 Grid

Bootstrap 4 Grid template by Duane Smith

Here’s a freebie for anyone designing responsive websites using Sketch app: a downloadable Bootstrap 4 responsive layout grid templates containing 26 viewports.

The artboards match Bootstrap naming conventions (similar to t-shirt sizes) of Extra Large (xl), Large (lg), Medium (md), Small (sm), and Extra Small (XS) with default breakpoints:

Extra LargeLargeMediumSmallExtra Small

In Bootstrap, gutters are fixed-width and columns are flexible-width. Gutter width is 30px across all breakpoints (15px on each side of a column). As browser widths change, gutter widths remain the same; it is the column widths that change instead, allowing for flexible content as shown on the common use case page in the Sketch file:

Each artboard contains guides on both the sides and center points of gutters, which show/hide with the Rulers using a keystroke (control–R). Columns are controlled using Layout Settings (View > Canvas > Layout Settings) and they too can show/hide using a keystroke (control-L). You can also edit the columns in Layout Settings if you want to use a different gutter width than 30px, although you will have to manually edit the guides.

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