Mark Palmer, DDS

Dr. Palmer needed a website redesign, but understands consumers have shifted much of their internet use to the computer in their pocket. Bill and I crafted a mobile first website to help him better reach his audience and showcase his friendly personality in his beloved LSU school colors.

Mobile First Design

Mobile media time in the U.S. has exceeded desktop; mobile/tablet now represents 65% of all digital media consumption time. Since Q4 2015, there are more mobile-only users than desktop-only.

Responsive Design

Responsive sites adapt to different devices, providing an optimal experience for every user and eliminating the need for separate desktop and mobile sites.

Multiple unique page layouts

Most websites are multi-purpose, providing users with a variety of different functions and displaying a range of content on one single site. To accomplish these diverse objectives, several unique page layouts are designed.

Mobile-specific menus

Mobile users not only navigate a site differently than desktop users, they also often access different content on the site. Therefore, it’s essential to design a custom menu for mobile users, based on their distinct needs.