Western Journalism

Western Journalism is a popular conservative news website that receives ~35 million pageviews a month. They asked Bill and I to build them a fast, efficient site that could handle their traffic and engage their 4+ million Facebook followers.

Multiple unique page layouts

Most websites are multi-purpose, providing users with a variety of different functions and displaying a range of content on one single site. To accomplish these diverse objectives, several unique page layouts are designed.

Infinite Scroll

Western Journalism publishes dozens of articles per day, and keeping readers engaged was a primary goal. We accomplished this with a multi-column infinite scroll, a never-ending stream articles of recent and popular posts.

Facebook Integration

With 4+ million Facebook subscribers and 35 million pageviews a month, integrated Facebook comments, persistent share buttons, and Facebook style cards with sharing buttons increase readership sharing and engagement.

Logo Redesign

A logo for a digital company should be deceptively simple and recognizable in social media streams. The Western Journalism logo was redesigned with Facebook and Twitter avatar use in mind.