Websites, apps, and brands are complex. My experience and expertise can help you evaluate known issues, identify unknown issues, craft strategy that aligns with organizational vision and optimizes conversions. And if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, I can provide actionable advice to get you headed in the right direction.

Consulting Services

Problem Diagnosis

Some clients know exactly what their problem is, but for most a thorough Problem Diagnosis helps identify all the issues. Internal, external, known, or unknown—problems are almost always multi-faceted, and usually benefit from the perspective and advice of outside consulting.

Diagnosis may be part of a larger branding/website/app project or it may exist independently. Independent diagnosis is particularly useful for clients who want to stay ahead of potential problems, or for clients who knows something must be done but isn’t set on a solution yet—for example, knowing mobile needs to be addressed, but unsure if a mobile first website, native app, or progressive web app is the right step forward.

Product Strategy

Knowing you need something—say a native mobile app—is one thing, but knowing exactly what that something is, or what it should do, it another. Case in point: people often mistakenly think “having a great idea” is central to the success of an app (which explains why I get so many NDAs sent my direction). But ideas are a dime a dozen.

Don’t believe me? Go to a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant in Silicon Valley. Doesn’t matter which one, pick any one. Sitting around you will be at least a half-dozen people with killer ideas. World changing ideas. Holy-shit-everyone-will-want-this ideas.

Most of them will never launch, and most of those that do will fail.

Having a “great idea” doesn’t make a product successful. For that matter, neither does execution. Sure those are important, but unless you’re a well-funded VC-backed startup with unlimited runway, Product Strategy is the differentiator.

Product Strategy Planning document

Your Product Strategy should be created by someone other than you. Yes, you’re the big picture visionary, but it’s your baby and you’re too close to it. With Product Strategy consulting, I can be your objective outsider—someone who knows their shit, has skins on the wall, will treat your project with realism, and will tell you when you’re off your rocker.

Conversion Optimization

Having a product on the market is great; watching it underperform is not. If your website or app is underperforming, it’s difficult to know where to turn. You probably think you need an SEO expert, and that might be a good idea (or part of a good idea), but only if search ranking is your problem. A better solution is Conversion Optimization.

Conversion Optimization is the process of optimizing the user actions on your existing website or app to perform better. Techniques include audience tracking, click maps, heat maps, analytics software, surveys, eye-tracking software, user interviews, and most notably A/B testing. This works best on high traffic websites or high volume apps—meaning you have enough users to generate a significant sample size—but even low volume sites and apps can benefit from some Conversion Optimization techniques

As a general rule, I restrict conversion optimization services to sites and apps I’ve been involved in the creation of. It doesn’t make sense to fight with a design I don’t fully understand; I’ll just want to fix everything, and that’s not what conversion optimization is about.

Having said that, even if I didn’t create your digital product, I may still be able to offer insight, understanding, and referrals on conversion optimization, so definitely contact me.

UX Audit

I’ve hired consultants, and I’ve worked for consultants. In the best situations, you learn a helluva lot and are provided with a solution (or a solid plan for a solution). Unfortunately, that’s not always what you get. I’ve experienced it myself, and it doesn’t feel good to pay an invoice for something you can’t do anything with.

Because of my experiences, my goal with a UX Audit is to provide actionable advice (something you can work with) that moves you closer towards your goal. A plan of action. Steps to take. How to take the next step. Hell, how to take the first step.

With a UX Audit, you’ll learn what’s wrong with your current digital product—discovered through user testing—and receive documentation outlining what I’ve discovered as well as how you can correct the mistakes.

Start by reaching out to me with the form below. If I can’t help you, or we aren’t a good fit, I’ll tell you upfront and send you in the right direction anyways by referring you to a better fit. And don’t worry, I’m not going to bill you for an email or referral—I just want to get you on the right path. If that’s a benefit to my business, great, but if not, it’s a benefit to the world-at-large…and I’m good with that.

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