Sketch App: Bootstrap 5 Grid

Here’s a freebie for anyone designing responsive websites using Sketch: a FREE Bootstrap 5 responsive layout grid template with 4 gutter width options and over 500 artboard grids.

Screenshot of Bootstrap 5 Grid template by Duane Smith Design

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular framework for building responsive, mobile-first websites. Layout Grids in Sketch can be set up to follow the Bootstrap fixed-width gutter and flexible-width column conventions, but the Layout Settings behavior can be difficult to understand.

I’ve done all the tedius layout grid work for you: setting up artboards, performing grid calculations, rounding to whole pixels, pulling ruler guides, documenting measurements, and repeating everything for multiple .container and gutter options.

That means you can simply pick-and-choose the Artboards with Layout Grids you want to use and start designing your next project.

There are 22 different artboards with 6 container options in 4 gutter widths for a total of 528 artboards to choose from. There are three steps for narrowing down the options to your exact needs:

  1. Choose a gutter width
  2. Choose a container
  3. Choose an artboard from each breakpoint

Also included are full instructions on how to use this file:

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